Prison To Purpose Bundle

The hard back physical copies will be mailed to you. Stand on the right side of history. When these lessons are applied, our youth are able to make our world a better place.




Life isn't easy. This is especially true for Black boys trying to make it through in a world full of adversity, racism, and uncertainty. This book will instill compassion, confidence and purpose in readers. Written by a former Black boy that wasn't supposed to make it, readers will learn the value of determination, intentionality, and self-care. No matter what hurdles life has, we can always jump over them and stay in the race.



So, tell me if this sounds about right… you are someone connected to you:

  • Formerly or incarcerated juveniles

  • Young men in foster care

  • Young men of single mothers

  • Living below the federal poverty line

  • Young men with fathers or mothers experiencing incarceration, unemployment or significant health issues

  • Young men whose parent(s) are deceased


Lorenzo P. Lewis is a decade of professional experience in behavioral health under his belt and is the founder of The Confess Project, an initiative that confronts the stigma around mental health for men of color, Lorenzo helps you confess to your issues to begin to build a better process of living.





Jumping Over Life’s Hurdles epitomizes the trials of a young African male growing up in America. Just as the story expounds on the strength it takes to not only survive but to thrive. Especially when one is considered different. Author Lorenzo Lewis is a social entrepreneur, professional speaker, and founder of the widely acclaimed The Confess Project, an initiative that centers on mental health and wellness for young men of color. A master storyteller, Lewis has spoken at numerous venues around the country about his journey turning pain into purpose—from narrowly escaping the school-to-prison pipeline and obtaining a master's degree to his current work building a national mental health movement. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Prison To Purpose Bundle