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Building a Strong Non-Profit is one of the best ways you can make a difference in the communities you serve, but it requires the right people and a mindset to not allow your past failures to determine your future successes! 

Finding a solution for developing these skills has always been a challenge. However, we've created a breakthrough solution to


You Possess the Necessary Qualities and Abilities!

As the author of  Jumping Over Hurdles and Staying In The Race and the founder of two successful non-profits, I couldn't let my past struggles define me. I've constantly told my truth, so others can see that they can too overcome. I've partnered with Rick Ross to help provide more everyday people with world-class opportunities to identify and implement expert-proven non-profit growth strategies that create success stories

Introducing the

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This bundle will help you select the right people as you establish your non-profit and overcome common struggles


Rick Ross Lorenzo

You Don't Know My Struggle T-Shirt (Collab with Rick Ross) will be mailed

You'll get INSTANT digital access to:

  • Hiring the Right Employees for Your Non-profit Worksheet

  • Building a Board of Directors for Non-profit Worksheet

  • Jumping Over Life's Hurdles and Staying In The Race by Lorenzo

Your success will change the game! Enter your email address below to get it now.


Your struggles are building blocks for your


So, tell me if this sounds about right….

  • You want EXPERT GUIDANCE from an experienced mentor who understands the unique challenges of non-profit growth

  • You want to overcome your past failures and MASTER THE ART of proven effective strategies 

  • You need a powerful system that will help you to press through your adversity

  • You feel overwhelmed at times and you just want to get a clear UNDERSTANDING so you can TAKE ACTION

  • You want to be consistent but FEAR and UNCERTAINTY cause you to doubt yourself and ask all the “What if’s” in your mind

  • You need help identifying the typical emotions that come up when dealing with painful life circumstances

  • You are exhausted and done trying to do it all on your own

  • You are willing to invest the time, money, and energy necessary to ACHEIVE

  • You want expert guidance from an experienced mentor who understands the values, goals, AND METHODS to attract donors, ensuring a steady stream of support

If you need help building a stong non-profit, you’re in the right place


Copy of Copy of Copy of 31 Affirmations



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I created the Jumping Over Hurdles Bundle after reaching over 1 million black boys and their families in less than a few years as the founder of my first organization, The Confess Project of America before becoming the serial entrepreneur that I am today.

Lorenzo P. Lewis has over a decade of professional experience in behavioral health under his belt and is the founder of The Confess Project, an initiative that confronts the stigma around mental health for men of color. Lorenzo helps you confess to your issues to begin to build a better process of living with the Jumping Over Hurdles Bundle.

Lorenzo Has Spoken At



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It's time to identify and implement expert-proven non-profit growth strategies! Click below to get it now.

Father’s Day Digital Sale Bundle The $39.99 Bundle consists of Hiring the Right Employees

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