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Turn your pain into purpose.

It’s a philosophy that speaker and social entrepreneur Lorenzo Lewis lives by. With a decade of professional experience in behavioral health and founder of The Confess Project, an initiative that confronts the stigma around mental health for men of color, Lorenzo helps you confess to your issues to begin to build a better process of living.


Born in jail to an incarcerated mother, Lorenzo struggled with depression, anxiety, and anger throughout his youth. At 17, he almost re-entered the system of mass incarceration he had come from. It was then he snapped in and began his journey to wellness.


It started with an education at Arkansas Baptist College and continued with him facing his own emotional challenges, eventually becoming a mental health advocate. Since then, Lorenzo has spoken at numerous venues across the country—from barbershops to universities—exploring themes such as toxic masculinity, therapy taboos, and more.  


In a high-energy, participatory format, Lorenzo shares his story of vulnerability and resiliency to model what’s possible. There will be a reflection. There will be laughter. Maybe even some crying. (And that’s okay.) Most importantly, you will walk away with the resources you need to get started on the path of transforming your life, whether at home or work.


Dare yourself to move forward. Lorenzo will be there to guide you.


A trained facilitator, speaker, and licensed suicide prevention trainer, Lorenzo is available for speaking engagements at high schools, colleges and universities, community spaces, and corporate workplaces—anywhere his message will resonate. Most recently, Lorenzo trained employees on trauma-informed care at Snapchat headquarters and was tapped by Google to equip incoming college STEM students from marginalized communities with the mental health tools they need to thrive.

Lorenzo is a 2020 Roddenberry Foundation Fellow and 2020 Echoing Green Fellowship finalist. Additionally, he is the recipient of the 2019 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Multicultural Outreach Award and Richard E. Tompkins Torch Award from the Central Texas African American Family Support Conference. Lorenzo has appeared in O Magazine as one of eleven 2020 Health Heroes, been recognized on Jay Z’s Roc Nation during Black History Month, was inducted into the Power Players Club on Nick Cannon Mornings - Power 106 FM, and more. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Arkansas Baptist College.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Board Chairmen Mark Gardener and myself of L&J Empowerment Inc. We welcome you all to become a part of our family here at The Confess Project. In May 2016, we answered the call. Arkansas Ranks 47th in the nation for individuals determined to have high prevalence of Mental Illness, and ranks 44th for poor access to services. This has not been an easy task and in fact, this has been a rollercoaster for us all; the moments of success have been sporadic but kept us all motivated to keep pushing along the journey. The disappointment has allowed us to remain optimistic while staying motivated to show up for our allies when needed. We are glad to call Little Rock home, our deep southern roots have allowed us to be authentic and faith-driven. We are also honored to know that we are the FIRST in the nation that truly addresses the Mental Health Challenges for Boys, Men of Color, and their Families through a grassroots movement. Change is never easy, and taking some of the most world’s critical problems under one mission is just not enough to drive change. The L&J Empowerment Inc. Management Team has contributed blood, sweat, and tears to making a solid difference even when things didn’t add up. We even took on the responsibilities of educating professionals, educators, and frontline support staff when working to improve the life outcomes for Boys, Men of Color, and their Families through a culturally specific lens. We are grateful for those that will continue leading with us in the years to come, The late Dr. Martin Luther King stated “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, Only Light can do that” We must continue to live in the light and through uneven circumstances let our light be the veal that exhibits our inner peace and passion. I have ultimate confidence when speaking power to Building a Culture of Mental Health and that long-term change will be effective. The Confess Project will remain committed to promoting positive mental health while transforming institutions, communities, and systems that will be applicable for men and their loved ones.

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Mission is to assist an underprivileged youth at least 17 years of age with scholarship funding. Candidate must be a juvenile delinquent prior to graduating high school. Proof must be shown that the individual has applied or made plans to attend a vocational school or post-secondary institution.


Copy of Copy of Copy of 31 Affirmations
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